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This blog is for lute lovers, people who are looking for lutes to buy or try and for selling the latests lutes for sale by Hand made not factory made but at affordable prices in the form of student lutes and more elaborate custom made lutes for professional players. if you can afford a student lute then I make lutes to hire too. You can hear examples of different sizes/ woods on my you-tube channel jamarriage.

Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Lutes for sale
Last updated 21/05/2024

For Sale: 8crs Lute Based on Hieber (MIM1561)

8crs Renaissance lute based on Hieber of Venice (MIM1561), original string length of 59.7cm in g' (a=440Hz) in NNG and CD basses, the Hieber lute one of the few surviving lutes still in it's original form. This one has plum ribs, black walnut neck and peg box with original design pear wood pegs, ebony fingerboard, alpine spruce soundboard with original rose and ebony edging, pear wood end pin.

£2718 (£2064+Kingham case £654)

For Sale: 7crs Hans Frei Student lute

 In a Kingham case (£654)

 In a hard plastic case (£294)

This 7crs Hans Frei Student lute is a popular model, comfortable in depth and string length (61cm) strung in g' (a=440Hz) in Nylgut and CD Basses. The ribs are in figured Ash and maple neck and peg box with pear wood pegs and bridge, end pin in pear wood an extra pin is near the neck joint too for those who want to use it standing up but without a standard strap so a bit of string is put between the two pins and the instrument hangs off a coat button like a picture  hangs on a wall.The finger board is in Indian rose wood the frets are Aquila's long lasting synthetic gut frets (LS) The case currently is a Kingham case £654 but a cheaper case by Shuster (£294) can be bought instead.

£1167 case by Kingham £654 or Shuster £294.

For Sale: 10 crs Student Renaissance lute based on Sellas E1028

10crs Renaissance lute based on the Sellas E1028 Attiorbato, string length 58.5cm in g' a=440Hz strung in NNG and CD strings, 15 ribs in various shades of heartwood English yew to give an old lute look, some knots too as seen thus is a 'student lute' priced yew ribs, slightly figured maple neck and peg box with pear wood pegs, ebony finger board, Alpine spruce top with simple Student lute rose as seen on the Hans Frei student lutes.

£1302 (optional Shuster case if collecting within UK £294, a Kingham fitted case is £654)

Sold 6 course Early Renaissance student lute c1500

For sale £884 + case £576

This very early Renaissance lute is based on the late medieval body proportions as described by Lindley and seen on paintings by Hans Memling, with a bridge, pegbox and curved neck as seen on the Gerle lute, and a semicircular cross section back as noted by Zwolle. The ribs are in Cherry with some slight heart/sap shading with black boxwood spacers as seen on some renaissance lutes. The pegs and bridge are in natural pearwood, the fingerboard in darker plum wood. the soundboard in alpine spruce so no tropical woods. The case is the cheapest Kingham make for student lutes. Stringing in Nylgut with CD basses on the 6th and 5th with an octave on the 4th as seen on 6 crs lutes in paintings, but can be changed to unison 4th if preferred. The frets are the new durable synthetic fret gut by Aquilla. It can be heard here.

SOLD  Wolgang Wolf 10/11/12crs lute

£2556, case can be ordered (£634)

Based on the 12crs lute by Wolfgang Wolf, can be strung as 10 or 11 as currently or single strung 12crs. Original 63cm string length in f' (a=415Hz) in Nyglut and CD bases the same string length kept it would be close to the original along with the barring. Due to extra holes in the bridge and grooves in the nut it can be used as a 10crs (extra hole for a double 2nd crs) and 12crs single strung. Ribs are in rare English plum with natural box wood spacers, ebony veneered neck and peg box with an elaborate pierced ebony bottom, in keeping with the original 12crs. The rose is the original circular design with gold finish as per the original. The fingerboard is ebony, the pegs and bridge are ebonised pearwood. Kingham case can be ordered at £634, currently.

Hear it being played below:

SOLD : 6crs Mandolino based on E0702

For sale £897

6 course Student Mandolino based on E0702 (Paris Cite de la Musique). Strung in gut, nylon 1st, Cypress ribs, maple neck, lime wood pegbox, pear pegs and bridge, Alpine spruce soundboard, tuned g'' d'' a' e' b G at a=415Hz £897, no case but can be collected in person and bubble wrapped/boxed (a Kingham case could be ordered instead if preferred)

SOLD 9crs  Lute based on Hans Frei, restored instrument

For sale £730

Recently restored parts of lutes bought together to create one, old re-purposed 11crs soundboard with Warwick Frei intricate rose with some marks due to it being used before (as was done with lutes in the past) One repaired yew heart/sap wood rib (as 'possibly' seen in 4th picture) and recycled pegs new ebony fingerboard and new bridge covering the same area as the original bridge (as seen on old lutes)
new necking pegbox in maple ebonised with long lasting Aquilla synthetic fret gut for very long lasting frets. Affordable shuster case can be ordered (£291) or collected without the case if in the UK.
Strung in Nylgut Cd and D basses and Kurshner strings, string length 61cm in g' a=440Hz

To order new price £1207, for sale price due to rib repair/general restoration £730, not inc case so can be collected without case and bubble wrapped, case required if shipping overseas.

Hear it being played below:

SOLD 10/11crs lute based on Maler (MI54)

£1247+ Kingham case £612 = £1859

This Maler 10/11crs has extra holes in the bridge and groves in the nut to be strung as a 
10crs as seen or an 11crs single strung baroque lute. The back is in English heartwood yew and the neck and peg box are ebonised maple to look like ebony with out the cost. Strung in Nylgut and Cd basses as seen or wound D type for the 11crs setup, being single strung the tension on single strings is higher thus louder. The frets are in the new synthetic nylgut. String length 66.5cm, currently in f' a=440Hz. Hear it here

For Sale: 8 crs Multiribbed Yew Renaissance lute based on Hans Burkholtzer c1596 (KHM NE48)

£3073 (£2515 + case £558, a must if shipping overseas) or to order new £2615 + case, now costs £618. 

Originally inspired by the look, shape and sound of the Sixtus Rauwolf original/restored lute, so it was created to give the look/feel of an original instrument. With a multiribbed yew body with old dark and lighter heartwood, one small rib restoration (thus a reduced price), and with a slightly darker/'aged' finish elsewhere, hopefully it's got the ambience of an old/original instrument, dare I say!
It has a Black Walnut neck and pegbox (as recommended by the Mary Burwell lute Ms) and is cheaper than a veneered neck, less ebony too, the fingerboard is black English Bog Oak an eco-alternative to Ebony, the only ebony used is around the soundboard. The pegs and bridge are pearwood with decorative stars carved as seen on another original/ surviving lute by Giovanni Hieber ( Brussels MIM 1561) string length 62.9cm in g' at a=440Hz. The original rose design, shown here has a roped border, typical of this type of renaissance lute. Hear it here

For sale 8crs multi ribbed lute based on Hans Burkholtzer (NE48) Gut strung

Below is another Burkholtzer with the same materials as above but with a golden rose and tuned to a=380 Hz (Renaissance pitch/Pretorius' Chorton pitch) with part gut trebles and and octaves with CD loaded gut bases, the string length is 64cm, this can be heard here 

£2575+ case £618

Here this golden rose Burkholtzer being played below: 

SOLD 11 crs swan-neck lute (or Double lute) based on MIR 899
Originally by M.Hartung/Harton c1600 converted to a swan neck in c1691 by Johann Zacher/Dacherl Bresslau, New pics (10/2019) with new CD bass strings put on.

Yew multi-ribbed back, veneered neck with holly lines, stained maple extended neck with stained pearwood pegs, ebony fingerboard and natural pear wood bridge, strung all in gut at f' at a=415Hz, D minor tuning. Alternatively it could be strung like the double lute/luth en tuorbe/Luth a double manche in vieil ton as seen in  Mersenne's Harmonie Universelle (1636),  but in g' at Mersenne's pitch a=375Hz with a different set of strings. New Kingham case wine red exterior/black plush interior. Shallow body and string length of 63.4/90.2cm makes it very comfortable to play Weiss' 11crs music which suits this instrument. Here it here with its new CD bass strings

£ 4260  now £3499 slight use and including used case (some exterior scuffing)

SOLD 7 course lute with golden rose based on Giovanni Hieber, c1580 Venice (Brussels MIM 1561) 

Another of these for stock is coming soon in 2023, so watch this space! 

This instrument is based on the original 7crs Hieber but with a gold rose, 59.7cm in g' (a=440Hz) in nylgut and CD basses. The back is Cypress wood which is fragrant and lightweight, considered a desirable wood for instrument bodies, the top in alpine spruce with black boxwood spacers, the pegs and bridge in pearwood with carved stars as on the original, the rose is the original with a roped border, the gold wouldn't of look out of place in Venice of course, some original lutes had gold painted/gilded roses like Burkholtzer, Fichtold, Wolf, the gold is a subtle antique gold paint as seen.

£ 2124 + case £558

Below is another one  (SOLD):

£2124 + case £558