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This blog is for lute lovers, people who are looking for lutes to buy or try and for selling the latests lutes for sale by Hand made not factory made but at affordable prices in the form of student lutes and more elaborate custom made lutes for professional players. if you can afford a student lute then I make lutes to hire too. You can hear examples of different sizes/ woods on my you-tube channel jamarriage.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Greenwich Early Music Festival 2007

Another year at the festival but this time I had the new Chitarrone I have been working on in between orders here it is below

The Student Chitarrone has been created for existing lute players who want to get into continuo. I was able to play Kapsbergers famous arpegiatta even though my fingers are not that long. It was then very rewarding to hear Lynda Sayce play Piccinini and Kapsberger fluently on it and loved the sound.

The instrument has been made with 17 ribs of rosewood instead of the 51 on the original which helps cut down construction time and the cost. The fingerboard is made without the usual points and the upperneck is stained rather than veneered. The rose is the original rather than a simplified one and the soundboard has a protective ebony edging. I also know when it's in it's case you can fit on the DLR and tube trains! For those interested in the sound you can hear my attempt at the arpegiatta on the website record for this instrument in the CHITARRONI section. It's a reasonable price for an instrument of this size and work but the idea is to make a quality theorbo that more people can afford thus creating a new desire to own one previously unavailable

It was also nice to see so many people intranced by the instrument alone so I explained to about the origin of the Chitarrone, but to new member's of the lute society (which has increased I am pleased to hear) were more interested in the student g' lute understandably! It was the last one I had and sold at the exhibition so I am currently making more stock, hopefully in time for Christmas!


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