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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Theorbo based on Pietro Railich c1639 (Brussels MIM 1569)

Currently this instrument exists in three pieces in the museum, to some extent makes seeing inside easier so the barring can be recorded in technical drawing.  This instrument is a 'medium' sized theorbo at 79/162 cm string length and does feel easier to play and has an archlute feel to it especially having a dolphin tail bridge ending, the bridge on the original not being original but probably replaced in 1678 as indicated by the museum providing a second date for the instrument, a repair label usually. The rose had to be reconstructed somewhat, the drawing by the late great Stephen Gottlieb didn't have the rose drawn on (maybe indicating it was taken from another theorbo and inlaid into this one). Below is a picture of the original and the restored design newly made, and the original instrument in it's current 3-piece state:


Blogger Glauco Netto said...

Dear James,

Amazing craftmanship! Could you tell the measures of the body and the price of a new one? It seems to be very confortable to play.

All the best,

8:10 AM  

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