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This blog is for lute lovers, people who are looking for lutes to buy or try and for selling the latests lutes for sale by Hand made not factory made but at affordable prices in the form of student lutes and more elaborate custom made lutes for professional players. if you can afford a student lute then I make lutes to hire too. You can hear examples of different sizes/ woods on my you-tube channel jamarriage.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hire Renaissance lute

7 courses covers most of the Renaissance lute repertoire for Dowland with the exception of a few pieces in 8 and 9 courses (according to the complete works by Dowland by Lam). For new students this year hiring a lute at £35 per month gets around the initial outlay of buying a lute to study on. 
Apart from the wide range of student lutes at there are specialist affordable instruments for the experienced lute player who wants to explore a niche area of lute music but not have to spend a fortune just to do so. Below is the student Mandora / Galichon:

To order £1305 + case(from £420)

Listen to it here being played at the Greenwich EMF 2014 


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