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This blog is for lute lovers, people who are looking for lutes to buy or try and for selling the latests lutes for sale by Hand made not factory made but at affordable prices in the form of student lutes and more elaborate custom made lutes for professional players. if you can afford a student lute then I make lutes to hire too. You can hear examples of different sizes/ woods on my you-tube channel jamarriage.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Early Music Today Lute Competition

K'antu Ensemble ( ) were the winners of the lute I made for Early Music Today as advertised in the 20th Anniversary Issue (Sept-Nov 2013), thanks to Claudine Nightingale and Adrian Horsewood of Mascherata ( ) for arranging the competition. The instrument marked the 450th anniversary of John Dowland's birth as well as being the first known lute to be made with ribs in  7000 year old Bog Oak from the UK. The wood is intended to replace Ebony as a material for fingerboards and this was the first time it was used for making a back. It's an expensive material but at least customers can choose between Ebony or Bog Oak. The treble is strong and cuts through in an ensemble which seemed to please the ensemble when they collected it. It wasn't too difficult to bend but the rib size was limited due to the size of wood available so it needed to be small.
The 6 course lute, shown above, is one of the many student instruments as listed on the jminstruments website ( usually intended for Children with a string length of 52.5cm, however many have found it surprisingly comfortable. The rest of the instrument has Pear wood and Alpine Spruce for the soundboard the finger board being Bog Oak of course the case by Kingham ( ). The rose being the standard student lute rose I use as seen on the Hans Frei (Vienna KHM C34).  Please visit the K'antu ensemble website for listing of their performances ( )